We have partnered with A-Proofed to make sure that you don’t harm your brand or confuse your customers.

Are you releasing a new product, redesigning your marketing material, or rebranding? That means you’ll have to communicate to various stakeholders. Making sure that all your hard work isn’t undone by some missed grammar or spelling issue is essential. Beyond that, you need to ensure that all your documents tie together in terms of your brand.

Omega Compliance Solutions has partnered with A-Proofed to provide an essential add-on service to review and proofread your documents.

Kim Hatchuel worked in the insurance industry for many years, with her last position being at an HCV UMA assisting with the FAIS admin for the company. She is no stranger to FAIS, and can assist with the proofreading and layout of all related documents.

Let us help you improve your business!